Robert Johnson (RJ) & Commission AntiPub Nuit Debout (CAP) (Paris – France)

WHAT: The Commission Antipub (Anti-Ad Commission) and the Robert Johnson group both regularly organise workshops to work on bus-stop format posters, creating drawings and takingover existing ads. Artivism is a good way to fight the advertising system, but no need to be an artist to join. It only needs to be attracted by concrete activism. New skills and techniques are always useful, but people join us for the pleasure to fight together. We act sporadically in the subway and in the streets, e.g. during demonstrations… Robert Johnson group (who knows if it really exists and if it’s its real name.. ?!) was born right after the large mobilizations against ads in France in 2003-2004. The Anti-Ad Commission spontaneously arised from the Nuit Debout (Night Standing) movement in the spring 2016.

WHY:Because the advertising System fuels our insane society, we want to raise awareness to make it ready to change for good. And also, because of the great pleasure it provides to reappropriate and rebuild the city landscape.

RJ: “you can try… we are somewhere, in Paris!”
CAP: Facebook: Commission Anti Pub Nuit Debout / Twitter: @AntiPubDebout