FLIP (Fribourg – Switzerland)

WHAT: The FLIP , Front de Libération de l’Invasion Publicitaire (Liberation Front of the advertising invasion), is a collective claiming the right of no receiving, right which is today denied. We aim to problematize advertising which is imposed as a reality never to be put in question although it is specially pernicious, by its methods and consequences. By denouncing avertising processes, we try to raise people’s awareness about nuisance resulting from these for environment and society. Our actions aim specially display in the city, which is the place where the residents get real room of manoeuvre to propose different uses of this public space, not serving economy and consumer society but serving « the living together ».

WHY: Every day, we are exposed to several hundreds of commercial messages which compete in agressivity to manage to capture our attention. Blinding the population about the real conditions of production and consumption of the products it highlights, advertising reduces our critical mind and reduces the individuals to consumers. Advertising is so a main wheel of our consuming society and contributes effectively to the waste of resources, the deterioration of the ecosystems, exploitation of humans and pollution of the imagination.