CLIP (Lausanne – Switzerland)

WHAT: “Collectif de libération de l’invasion publicité” (Freedom from ad invasion collective), founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2015, following a talk by Mirko Locatelli, co-founder of the Réseau d’objection de croissance (economic growth objection network) and of FLIP, and Mathilde Jordan, member of FLIP.

WHY: Because, as anyone can experience, in Lausanne and elsewhere, advertising imposes itself at all times. It pollutes our minds by blinding us. It hides the real conditions in which products are made and the social and environmental consequences of our hyperconsumption. Its objective is to make us buy by any means and in any place, even by putting us in danger. By its manipulation techniques, intended or not, it short-circuits our ability to reason, stimulates our base instincts, dries our imagination and would like us to believe that happiness necessarily derives from our purchasing power.