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Born in Brussels (Belgium), the ‘ZAP Games’ is a framework for creating interventions against corporate advertising spaces in our streets. ‘ZAP’ is french for ‘Zone Anti-Publicité’ / Anti-Advertising Zone.
The rules are simple: over two weeks in the run up to Black Friday (24 November 2023) individuals gather in teams which act against the outdoor advertising industry – and their world. Using a gaming format, all action reports and photos are collated on this website and disseminated through social media.
Each team can register their actions under 8 Action Categories. Award Ceremonies were held in London and Brussels to celebrate the actions and reward the winners.

The winners of the action categories for the ZAP Games 2023 can be seen here.

Gallery below: ZAP Games 2023 entries

Where are you based?

If you are based in Belgium, please report your action at the ZAP Games website:

For all other countries, please submit your action report on this page:

The ZAP Games Round 3 (November 2022) was a big success with more than 60 teams participating and 100 actions registered through the ZAP GAMES website. The ZAP GAMES went international with participation of cities in the UK, Portugal, France, Australia and Argentina.