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Following previous meetings held in Paris (2022) and Amsterdam (2023) of the movement to ban fossil (high-carbon) advertising, Subvertisers International is partnering once again with other groups including Reclame Fossielvrij, Badvertising, Adfree Cities, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (RAP) to organise a third meeting. The Conference is strategically taking place in the European capital of Brussels on Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March, ahead of the June 2024 European elections. 

This third meeting will be centred around getting the movement to refine its strategies and deepen its knowledge, in order to improve our impact in our quest to end fossil advertising

What have been our successes and struggles; how can we win?
This conference will put extra focus on strategy development, next to broadening our network. 

It will involve a mix of strategic-thinking sessions, theme-based workshops, action-based skillshares and plenty of opportunities to get crafty and use your artistic skills! We actively welcome new campaigners and activists, as well as people that have been around in this movement for some time already!

The meeting is open to any organisation and individual interested in fighting fossil advertising and sponsorship. 

This year will feature sessions on: 

  • Greenwash VS high-carbon advertising?
  • Winning local municipalities’ fossil ad bans    
  • EU-level campaigning
  • Week of action against Airline ads
  • Sport sponsorship & the Olympics
  • Outdoor advertising companies

And much more..   

Last year’s Conference in Amsterdam

As ever, we look forward to welcoming you to the conference and spending three days together to learn, debate and plan in the fight against fossil and climate-wrecking advertising !

In solidarity, 

Adfree Cities, Badvertising, Reclame Fossielvrij, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (RAP), Subvertisers International

Artwork from the Amsterdam Conference – March 2023
 Ad cover-up action in Paris – 2022