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In March 2023, Reclame Fossielvrij, The Subvertisers’ International, Adfree Cities, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (RAP), Brandalism, Badvertising and Greenpeace organised a gathering of grassroots groups fighting to Ban Fossil Ads in Europe. Over 70 activists and artists from across Europe and Australia attended.

Main outcomes

  • Plans to further internationalise the ZAP Games in November 2023. ZAP Games (Zone Anti-Publicité) is a framework for affinity group actions against outdoor advertising in the run up to Black Friday that was developed by Belgian activists from 2020 onwards.  The 3rd round of games in November 2022 saw some participation from campaigners outside of Belgium including Australia, Argentina, England and Portugal. Keep checking the ZAP games website to find out how you can get involved this year:
  • A new focus on fossil fuel sponsorship of sport.   Shell and European Athletics, Total and the Rugby World Cup 2023, Saudi Aramco and International Cricket – the list of dirty oil companies co-opting our much-loved sports is growing – but so are the athletes, clubs, campaigners and fans who are organising to stop it.
  • New members joining the Subvertisers’ International. Plus we refined our decision making for process for when groups can use the name of the Subvertisers International network for coordinated actions. You can see the list of members here:
  • New international website to be launched soon:  This excellent new website will showcase all the campaigns and wins to end advertising and sponsorship for high carbon companies such as oil giants, cars and airlines. (Launching mid-April 2023)

The event was attended by artists, NGOs, parents, activists, student collectives and even local politicians who are all looking to ban fossil advertising.  Representatives travelled from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, England and the Netherlands.

The 3 day meeting included sessions on:

  • Skillshares in subvertising techniques
  • How to disrupt and divert corporate communication strategies
  • Taking legal action against polluting adverts via the regulators and local councils
  • Fossil fuel sponsorship in sport, universities and culture
  • Art skillshares + poster making
  • Evaluation and learning from previous international actions against airline and car adverts
  • Building momentum ahead of the EU elections in 2024
  • A trip to the local night club : )