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Group: London Fossil Free Pride
Action Category: Surprise

This week we reclaimed a small part of public space back from the private, profit-driven sphere! This was part of the ZAP Games by the Subvertisers International network of groups.
Our first time so a little rushed and messy 😛 but we took over a carriage on the tube.


More adverts, more consumption, more production of industries which do not truly serve our needs and interests. Instead, they serve the few who make money from them, while the Earth’s finit resources are irrationally distributed according to what makes the most profit.


What we’re really sold by adverts is anxiety about how we should be, who we should admire, and what we should own. Adverts rule us. Fortunately for the capitalist, this mass anxiety is extremely profitable.


We’re subsumed by this commercialisation all around us. Take the tube to work every day and look at the adverts, don’t think about all the conloitad extrution invoved, or hom
you can challenge this, just think about the demands of commodities. We wished to intervene in this in some small way.