Tram Clean (Naarm/Melbourne – Australia)

WHAT: Tram Clean is a Naarm (Melbourne) based anti-capitalist theatrical protest against for-profit advertising on public transport and in public space.We are reclaiming power and agency in the face of the corporate dominance of public space. The invasion of for-profit advertising on public transport silences the voices and interests of everyday people, for it is the voice of the non-human corporations that dominates the public sphere.The protest is an assertion that the voices of everyday people are valuable and should be heard.

WHY: The for-profit entities that project their images and voices into public space are the same corporations responsible for the displacement of Aboriginal people from their lands, environmental destruction, the maintenance of white supremacy and cis-heteropatriarchy, wage inequality and the corruption of democracy. It is these monolithic companies that are the driving force behind capitalism, an economic system which is based on the exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few. As citizens we have not consented to having our public space invaded by the advertising of corporate entities interested only in generating profit. Public space, if marked with anything, should be available to the people for community enrichment, communication and the display of arts and culture.