Vermibus (Berlin – Germany)  

WHAT: Workshop, artivism, takeover, civil disobedience. This artist bases his practice on targeting the depersonalizing effects of advertising, which he negates by exaggerating them. He removes official poster ads from the street and alters them in his studio by applying chemical solvents to the image. He dissolves the face and flesh of the models appearing in the posters, smudges and erases brand logos, and then returns the ads into their original place in public spaces.

WHY: The advertisings are affecting us in every single level; in a personal, sociological, political and environmental. It also affects our mental health, the chemical system of our body, customs, decision-making, freedom of the press, freedom of speech… When I say that advertising is affecting every single level of our life I really mean it. We are facing new dangers. On one hand the new technologies at the service of the advertising, like Big Data, that is using every single information that we are publishing about us, checking every single movement that we make, in the internet and in the public space, with satellites and on the other hand the Neuromarketing, that is studying how our brain works in order to make the advertisings more effective in a scientific way.

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