Liège Sans Pub (Belgium)

WHAT: Born from a long history of anti-advertising and from the citizen’s refusal to renew the contract between Liège’s authorities and JCDecaux, Liège Sans Pub (Ads Free Liège) seeks today to relay and carry out anti-advertising actions in the city and in Belgium (alongside Namur sans pub and Bruxelles sans pub in particular). Convinced that only a diversity of tactics can strike a balance of power with the old world, of which advertising in our streets is an emblem, we carry out both legal and direct actions. 

WHY: Because advertising inflicts impon us its violent messages at the corner of our streets, in our parks, at our bus stops, i.e wherever we live; because public space, in which adverts are plugged in, belongs to us; because its presence is a matter of economic and political choices: for all these reasons, it is legitimate to question and refuse advertising’s presence.