Le Collectif des Déboulonneurs (France)

WHAT: The “collectif des Déboulonneurs *” The Debunkers’ collective, fights advertising through civil disobedience. Our actions are direct, non violent; we write messages such as “Advertising pollutes our dreams” “Who pays for ads?” “Visual attack” on billboards in the public space. We declare ourselves responsible for these actions, for which we risk being sued. On March 25rd 2013, a Paris court discharged our activists, pleading “necessity” and “freedom of expression”. The goals of this collective and its fellow organisations are: fewer advertising mediums, and banning advertising displays(screens), in order to establish a commercial-free public space. * “Déboulonner” means both dismantling and debunking

WHY: In the public space, advertising imposes itself on us as passengers or passers-by. It is everywhere (displays, tarps, billboards), and it permeates us even if we are unaware of it. We must urgently act to win battles to limit advertising and halt its social and ecological impact.

Website: deboulonneurs.org