Call Out: 22nd – 25th March 2017 is the time to #SubvertTheCity

#SubvertTheCity will see people around the world take creative action against corporate advertising in public space as together we collectively re-imagine what our cities and societies could be in the age of post-consumerism.

Commercial advertising invades our spaces and all forms of media in order to influence our behaviours and mostly privileges big corporate interests. Commercial advertising has come to dominate our cultures and gives more power to the wealthy, endangering democratic processes.

#SubvertTheCity will challenge corporate advertising all over the world; to imagine and re-build the cities and societies we want to live in that meet our shared human needs and those of the planet.

By challenging corporate advertising and media messages, people around the world will be taking creativity into the streets to support the struggle for social, economic and climate justice, as well as for human rights and dignity for all.

So imagine a better city, imagine a more democratic public space, or dream of a more equitable society. Then get together with some friends to create some public art, hold an event, host a workshop, or give a talk that addresses some of the concerns you have with how corporate media is influencing our minds, bodies and planet.