Ideas for Action

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Take a photo of an offensive ad, tell us what you think about it and tweet your picture with the hashtag: #SubvertTheCity followed by your location e.g #Madrid

Hold a workshop. Organise a group gathering to make art, share tactics and engage others in great ways to promote consciousness raising and involvement.

Organise a lecture or a talk. Talking about how public space is used and what other options might exist can be a powerful tool that changes how people see cities.  Or organise a webinar online.

Edit or alter some adverts with a marker or well-placed sticker.

Create some street art with a message that supports this call to action!

Stage a public happening. Sometimes a good flashmob is the best way to draw attention to consumerism and the issues it creates.

Write your local government representative. Elected officials often need a little push to start discussing important issues.

Start a critical conversation with professionals in the advertising industry.

Write a short article or pen an open letter to your local newspaper.

Anything else you can think of!

If you want, you can download our Public Statement and spread it.

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