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Paris, October 2021.

Bus stops in Paris that  continuously pester passers-by with high consumption, cheap trips, cars and fossil fuel advertisements were hijacked by activists from Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (RAP) and Extinction Rebellion Paris / Île-de-France.

As part of four days of action across Europe to #BanFossilAds, these groups took over bus stops ads across the city with a more honest statement featuring a large SUV and stating: “Ignorez les Enfants – Brulez la planete” or Ignore the kids – Burn the Planet.

We are seeing a rapid transformation in the narrative around fossil fuel ads and sponsorships. Spurred on by the successes of visionary activist groups responsible for city-wide fossil ad bans, and museums pulling out of sponsorship deals from major polluters – the movement is growing and the acceptance for the pollution of our public spaces is in a nosedive.

Add your voice by signing the European Citizens Initiative to #BanFossilAds!