Call out: Take action against airline advertising

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Call Out: Take action against aviation advertising

International week of action:
Saturday 10th – Saturday 17th September 2022

Join a Zoom call THIS MONDAY, 5th September, to share ideas and hear from organisers (full call-out details below):

Airline Advertising: Ideas for Action Zoom Call
Monday 5th September 2022, 18.30hrs (CEST)
Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 878 8532 2021 / Passcode: 634829

Campaigners across Europe are joining forces to end advertising and sponsorship for high carbon products; such as airlines, airports, cars and fossil fuel companies.  Join our Ideas for Action call where we’ll hear from local campaigners fighting airport expansion plans in Bristol (UK) and Liège (Belgium) and how airline adverts drive up demand and mislead with greenwash. Pick up ideas for action and how you can get involved online and in the streets this September 2022.

CALL OUT: International Week of Action against Airline Advertising: 10 – 17 September 2022

Join the Subvertisers International network and Brandalism in September 2022 to stand up against airline and airport advertising. As Europe burns under an unprecedented heatwave, major polluters and their advertising agencies continue to promote and normalise high carbon lifestyles through carefully crafted adverts.

From 10th – 17th September 2022, citizens, activists and artists around Europe will be taking action to call for a ban on advertising for fossil fuels, including ads for profiteering energy giants, airlines and massive status-symbol cars.

“We know oil, gas and coal fuel war and the climate emergency. Then, why do they continue to have so much power to influence our lives and politics? Thanks to their misleading advertising and sponsorships, fossil fuel companies earn the social acceptance and political access they need to block climate action and continue with business as usual.” >

As the movement to #BanFossilAds continues to grow, we will take action against advertising that is pushing extra flights in a climate emergency, using greenwash and promises of false solutions to drive up ticket sales, airport expansions and aviation industry profits. Aviation is one of the most climate-harming sectors with no meaningful commitments to reduce emissions or to securing a just transition for workers. Flying is an elite activity: our actions will call out the contradiction of advertising a polluting activity that is accessible to a minority of people but is harming so many more.

We invite you to participate in actions across Europe, as we seek to connect with groups to create a future beyond fossil fuels, greenwashing and the exploitative practices of fossil capitalism. Whether you choose to alter, replace or remove corporate ads, host a community workshop, or organise a demonstration at an airport or advertising agency – whether your tactics are open or clandestine – get in on the action.


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If you are in the EU, please sign + share the European Citizens Initiative to #BanFossilAds.

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