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International week of action:
Monday 20th – Saturday 25th March 2023

Around the world, citizens and artists are taking action to reclaim public space from corporate outdoor advertising; to create alternatives that meet the needs of people and our planet.

Since 2017, Subvertisers International – a network of anti-advertising groups – have taken action annually around the world, in cities including Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Bristol, Paris, Lausanne, Brussels, Berlin, London, New York City… Our groups across the globe became visible to one another and shared ideas and tactics through actions.

Corporate power influences every aspect of our modern lives: from how we feel about ourselves; our bodies; our understandings of gender, race and class; through to our perceptions of others and the world we live in. Advertising doesn’t simply sell us products – it shapes our expectations of how meaning should be produced in life.

In 2023, we invite you to participate in a fourth international week of action until Saturday 25th of March*, as we seek to connect with groups to reclaim our Right to the City and to create a future beyond consumerism.

Whether you choose to alter; replace or remove corporate ads; show a film screening; or organise a workshop – whether your tactics are open or clandestine; this is a day to become visible to others in your community and all around the world.

* This year will mark the 10th anniversaryof when a French court upheld the right of citizens to take action against corporate advertising panels in 2013.