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Action Categories for the ZAP Games.

1. Most Beautiful

Have you always dreamed of exhibiting your latest artistic creations in public space? This is a call for artists to beautify the streets! Photography, drawings, paintings, poems, collages …let your imagination run wild.

2. Big

For those that suffer from delusions of grandeur, there is no shortage of over-sized advertisements, billboards, tarpaulins and energy-hungry giant screens in our cities to satisfy your desire for large-scale actions.

3. Sculpture

For visual artists, an invitation to re-visit the ordinary design of the banal advertising billboard: experimental sculpture, DIY, brutalist practices and other de-constructivisms are all welcome here.

4. Surprise

Surprise us! Make us laugh! Make us dream! May the everyday advertising billboard become a source of wonder, intrigue and adventure! Jokes, crosswords, shopping lists, challenges, declarations of love, grandmother’s recipes, astrological predictions are all welcome in this wild card category.

A person with their back to the camera puts a poster on a digital ad screen. the poster reads "ZAP Games"

5. Digital Screens

For digital enthusiasts and other computing geniuses, come and infiltrate the wonderful world of digital advertising and treat yourself to a lively broadcast space: an LED screen in full colour and too much light 24 hours a day. For the less tech minded, any re-purposing + intervention of these collosal wastes of energy are also welcome.

6. Greatest Number of Panels

Love metrics? Gotta catch ‘em all? There is a special prize for the sheer number of advertising panels hacked.

7. Political Détournement

Consider the billboard as a practical means of public dissemination; make it your own in order to raise awareness of the struggles that are close to your heart. Inspire us to think, question and come together to create a progressive, equitable and sustainable world.

8. Most Family-friendly

The kids are revolting!

An award for the most family-friendly or intergenerational intervention.