Berlin Busters Social Club

WHAT: The Berlin Busters Social Club is a club of enthusiasts. The members of the club are enthusiastic about communication guerrilla of all kinds. They collect stories and tales of successful actions. Over the years, they have collected quite a few. In 2019, they published the book “Unerhört – Adbusting gegen die Gesamtscheiße” (Unheard – Adbusting against Total Shit), a best of. In 2022, the successor “Mega Unerhört: Adbusting mit Polizei und Militär” was released.

WHY: The members of the Berlin Busters Social Club hope to make the action form better known and call for imitation: Of course, only in their own living room or clubhouse. “The Berlin Busters Social Club never does actions, we just talk about it!” says Boris Buster, spokesman for the club. ” And if we do, then in the living room or clubhouse.”