The Subvertisers’ International is a international movement of individuals and organisations concerned with how advertising affects society. We are local and national groups of activists, artists and collectives, NGOs and not-for-profits, teachers and parents, scientists and doctors, public and private citizens. We are all concerned with how commercial media is shaping our lives, and determined that the time to act is now.

Our tactics are diverse but our network is focused on one thing: addressing the role of commercial media in social, economic, and environmental justice by interrogating how it affects our shared public media spaces.  Our members create consciousness-raising opportunities that address the issues of advertising’s influence on society through non-violent civil disobedience, advocacy and campaigning, workshops and training, academic writing and lectures, politics and protest…..and every once in a while a well-humoured prank .

We are a young network that is committed to creating change through hard work and persistence.  We want to connect with citizens and groups from all over the world that support our shared values. We need your help to develop an international movement based around our mutual interest in seeing the public take control of the commercial media in pursuit of a more just, verdant and equitable world. We think our time has come and hope you do to.


Why 22nd – 25th March?

On 25th March 2013, a group of French activists from ‘Les Deboulonneurs’ (The Debunkers) collective were acquitted of defacing advertising billboards in a symbolic act of civil disobedience. They argued that their fundamental “right of reception” had been violated by being forced to engage with toxic commercial advertising in public space. The judge agreed and deemed that their actions were protected under a “freedom of speech’ and ”reason of necessity” defence.

One year later, the Human rights Council of the United Nations acknowledged citizens’ right to consent when developing advertising messaging strategies and governance. See UN-HRC 2014 report on advertising, (link coming soon).

Taking place for the first time at the World Social Forum in Tunis in 2015, the 25th March celebrates an important victory for the recognition of the right of citizens to with regards to the reception of  advertising messages.

This year we go international.


Subvertiser International politically supports all its members non violent tactics implemented in order to challenge the advertising system. It does not take legal responsability for actions of its local members.