A Call Out:

Imagine an alternative….

Imagine a city weren’t a product being sold…

Imagine a city built around hope, rather than fear and division…

Imagine a city that doesn’t commodify your childhood, race, gender or sexuality…

Imagine a city that values play over profit.

Imagine a city built on solidarity, equity, dignity and social justice.

Imagine a city that values the soil, the air…

Imagine a city where public art and ideas replace adverts…

Imagine how that city would change when the stories are our own and how we too would change with our city…

We are The Subvertisers’ International.


Nespoon and SC_Szyman action in Warsaw: stencil and takeover

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500 panneaux publicitaires détournés à travers le monde pour dénoncer la société de consommation

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Global Summary: International takeover of 500 advertising billboards imagines a world beyond consumerism

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Ella & Pitr: We all want to say the same thing through reappropriation of advertising spaces (Saint Etienne, France)

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Ella & Pitr : On veut tous dire la même chose à travers cette réappropriation des espaces pub (Saint Etienne, France)

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